WWDWA Inc Management Committee and Volunteer Staff

Women With Disabilities WA Inc’s Management Committee is made up entirely of women with disabilities.

Our Current Management Committee – 2016

Zel Iscel – Chairperson

Zel Iscel was born blind and migrated to Australia with her family from Turkey at the age of 6. She is number 4 of 6 children and has an elder sister who is also blind. Both sisters are very active in the disability community but Zel’s claim to fame seems to be the high heels she loves to wear.
Zel has a BA in Politics and Government from Edith Cowan University. She has been involved in disability movements since she was in her late teams, working in paid and unpaid roles. She now also has her own business called Inclusive World which she feels is another channel to promote and foster disability rights.

Amber Arazi – Vice Chairperson

My name is Amber Arazi, and I am delighted to join WWDWA and a wonderful group of female advocates. I have a condition called vestibular disorder which is associated with a mismatch between the visual and vestibular balance systems. I am originally from a town called Harpenden in England and spent most of my adult years in Staffordshire in the Midlands region, before moving to Perth in 2007. I have worked in the disability sector since the age of 17 (I am now 42). I am currently an independent consultant in access and inclusion, where being self-employed helps me to manage the symptoms of my condition and continue working within the sector.

I am very passionate about upholding and safeguarding the rights of people with disability in all areas; and have partnered with others to improve outcomes in the areas of health, housing, education, employment, sport & recreation, transport, justice, advocacy, and services & supports (e.g., NDIS). I welcome the opportunity to continue this work as a committee member, with a focus on improving outcomes for women with disability.

Jackie Greene – Treasurer

Jackie has lived with Cerebral Palsy since birth. Living with C.P. has taught her that life can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. It is important to Jackie to put a whole-hearted effort into everything that she does.
She worked in the Public Sector for eight years. Then, decided to go back to Tafe. Now she is studying a dual Certificate IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping, and is looking forward to obtaining work in this area.
After raising her Son, Jackie is now interested in giving back to the community. Her interests include, Social Justice, and all matters regarding disability. She loves reading, gardening, cooking and socialising.

Ayesha Patterson – Secretary

I am vision impaired, studied at Tafe in the Disability & IT sector. I’m passionate about accessibility and adaptive technology for people with a disability, youth and disability advocacy. I am currently a member of the Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) and Youth Disability Network WA.

Elizabeth Edmondson – Committee Member

Although I was born on the 1 July, my story really begins 15 months later when I contracted polio. I went to kindergarten then school never considering I was disabled even though I wore a caliper on my leg.
When I was 14, I was lucky to represent Australia at the second Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The classification process was that you used a wheelchair and had at least 1 ½ limbs paralysed.  So for a week I used my first wheelchair. The years flew by until 2012, when I had shoulder surgery, and as I now walked with elbow crutches at this time, I was sent home in a wheelchair.
Which means, thanks to Transperth, I get out and about so much more, and mostly independent. I now do things that once would have been impossible – such as joining WWDWA.
I have been treasurer, registrar, and webmistress for Stadium Masters Swimming Club. I have been Treasurer of Floreat Scrabble Club for 4 years. Last year I rejoined the Community Advisory Council at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. I have been the community rep on the Disability and Inclusion Group for many years – also at Charlies.
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Mrs Leone Lawrence – Committee Member

Leone has lived all over Australia. She is the mother of 5, Grandmother of 12 & Great-Grandmother of 1. Leone is also a former Nurse, Social Worker (part time 1980s) and Business Owner. Now Retired. She is nowolunteer Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Counsellor as well as General Counselling (30+ years), Committee Member at WWDWA Inc for 10 years, as well as active with other numerous charitable works. Teaches Meditation & Relaxation. Genealogist. Leone has a number of disabilities:- MS, TBI, Anteriorgrade Amnesia, Spinal Cord & Disc Compression, Chronic Sciatica.

Monica McGhie – Committee Member

Monica McGhie was a Former President of People with Disabilities WA
Monica was born in Bunbury Western Australia in 1963. Monica’s disability is called total Amelia, in medical terms means ‘without limbs’ In 1964 Monica with her family shifted back to Perth so that she could receive Physio and Occupational Therapy daily. Monica McGhie is a scuba diving, Docker loving painter.

Volunteer Coordinator – Rayna Lamb

Rayna Lamb was born with CP and has other acquired disabilities. In 2003, Rayna established a network of women with disabilities in Perth, which evolved into the community based organisation Women With Disabilities WA Inc. She was a past President of the national organisation for women with disabilities, Women With Disabilities Australia. She has also worked with mainstream women’s groups and organisations to educate them around issues that face women with disabilities. As a result of her own experiences she is particularly passionate about raising awareness about women with disabilities who are victims of family and domestic violence, and finding ways to reduce the isolation of women with disabilities.