Welcome starecase – the new magazine for people with disabilities by people with disabilities

Earlier this month a new magazine for people with disabilities started – `starecase’

“In Australia, we do a lot of talking about disability.
But we don’t always talk about the important things.
What it’s like to live our lives.
What its like when people do things ‘for’ and ‘to’ us, not ‘with’ us.
What its like to have ‘special’ things for ‘special people’, instead of being part of the rest of Australia.
We want to talk about the things that matter. To us, not them.
We want to say it out loud.
And if they’re not listening, we will say it louder.”

You can find copies of starecase on the starecase website

They want to hear from all people with disabilities. If you have something to say about living with a disability, they want to publish it!

Author: Mel

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