If you are a woman with a disability it is free for you to be a member of Women With Disabilities WA Inc

Please fill out the form below or call 6460 7540 and we can fill it out for you.
Or download the word document version. Membership Form Accessible Word Document.

You can also use this form to update your details if you are already a member of WWDWA Inc

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting WWDWA Inc

All information provided to WWDWA will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be conveyed to any third party.  If you don’t wish to provide your details online download a copy of the form using the above link and email, fax or post it to us.

There are two different kinds of membership of WWDWA Inc. These are:

Full Membership
This is open to women with disabilities who live in WA.

Associate Membership
This is open to women who live in WA and associations who support the work done by Women With Disabilities WA Inc.

Rights of Membership
(a) Full members have the right to vote at general meetings and can nominate to be on WWDWA Inc’s Management Committee.
(b) Associate members can attend general meetings, but can not vote. They can speak at a general meeting if the Chairperson gives them permission.

Privacy Policy – Women with Disabilities WA Inc respects the privacy of all information regarding our members, people who contact us, staff, donors and supporters, and the general public. We comply with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and its Principles.