Happy International Women’s Day!!!

Happy IWD to our members and supporters!!!

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the unique circumstances of women and to celebrate women’s achievements.

International Women’s Day is very important for women with disabilities. Far too often, society fails to acknowledge that we are women, seeing only our disabilities. For years, organisations of women with disabilities such as Women With Disabilities WA Inc and our national counterpart, Women With Disabilities Australia have been working to raise awareness of the issues that women with disabilities face.

One of the important things for women with disabilities is to have a chance to be seen for who we are as individuals and have our abilities and achievements acknowledged.

WWDWA Inc’s current Chairperson, Kerrie Duff, was recently featured on the Confident Women website, showcasing many of her achievements over the years.

Women With Disabilities WA Inc was entered into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame along with over 80 other West Australian women’s organisations at a ceremony at Government House this week. WA Women’s Hall of Fame

We could not have achieved this without the support of many people, most importantly our members, all of you are important to the organisation and have helped make it what it is today.

We’d love to hear about your own personal achievements, big or small. Please leave a comment telling us what you are most proud of in your life.

”The worst thing about being an inspiration is that you have to be perfect. I am a normal person with only normal courage. Some people who should know better have tried to give me a halo.” – Anne McDonald, woman with disability, author and activist